Seriously. As someone who works for a legit service-based non-profit that does zero-based budgeting every year because we have to raise all the money, it pisses me off because it makes us all look bad. » 4/27/15 8:18am Today 8:18am

This. My current job is at a very family-culture type place, and while there ARE nice things about that, there’s also definitely a dark side of being “like family.” I’m coming to kind of hate it. Can’t we all just be collegial coworkers, be professional, and get stuff done like adults? » 4/24/15 9:15am Friday 9:15am

My dad makes this argument. But who works the shifts during school ours and late nights on school nights? Labor laws for minors can be pretty strict. I'm not an economist, but that aside, I wonder if there are even enough teens who can and want to work fast food and retail to fill the demand for that labor. » 4/13/15 6:09pm 4/13/15 6:09pm

Kathy Lee clearly has issues and for the most part, Hoda treats 'em like a pro. Can't be easy. (And, um, I say this as someone who LOVED Regis and Kathy Lee when I stayed home sick from school back in the 80's because I am an Old.) #teamHoda. » 4/10/15 9:03pm 4/10/15 9:03pm

Preeeety sure that if naturalistic gore is what they're going for, this is not how it happens. Source: I cannot f'ing stand faux gore, it makes me physically ill, but this just makes me laugh. (Oddly, when faced with the real deal, I actually deal. No one was more surprised than I was.) » 4/10/15 8:59pm 4/10/15 8:59pm