See, I think the family-and-friends-they-left-behind thing was one of the better things RTD did and probably what I liked best about Rose's arc. When she comes home and finds missing person flyers plastered all over her neighborhood, her mother and exish-boyfriend frantic and giving her a good what-for and then… » 7/23/14 8:35am Yesterday 8:35am

I guess I'm going to be that person, but I wonder if *some* of the pushback (aside from lots of love for Wright in general) re: Reed is because so much of his filmography is rom-coms? We can't have someone who makes lady movies make a comic book movie! Ugh! ...Because as you say, Down with Love and Bring it On » 7/22/14 8:31am Tuesday 8:31am

It's my head cannon that Kanye & Kim are actually an incredibly sophisticated performance art act commenting on the shallowness and false sophistication of popular culture, celebrity and the art world. In private, they are witty, self-effacing folk sadly shaking their heads at how easily they've trolled us all and… » 7/21/14 12:15pm Monday 12:15pm

What? Surely people who have devoted their entire lives and bank accounts into transforming their natural bodies into something that reflects an unreachable, arbitrary standard of beauty would never be so insecure as to hate others who share the same life goals! » 7/16/14 7:20pm 7/16/14 7:20pm

I LOVED Rainbow Brite as a kid. My mom made me a kick-ass Halloween costume w. stuffed sleeves and everything. That's why I'm terrified that they'll redesign the character to be an über-lanky tween fashion plate dressed in a mini-skirt and a belly shirt or the like. » 7/15/14 2:56pm 7/15/14 2:56pm